Keywording tutorials for EM2 newbie



  • rmoorlag
    Hello Baxter,

    I think 'The DAM book' from Peter Krogh should help you, it's covering this issue good. ().
    Also you can find a lot of information on the DAM book forum () and dpbestflow (), especialy the topic about keywording ().

    In general it's best to keyword in large groups when possible (all photo's > copyright information, a lot of photo's per country, etc).

    Put only subjectinformation about the images in the keywords. Organisational information is best put into 'Catalog Sets' (as they called in Expression Media). Information about the customer or application i.e.

    Last tip: Put information in dedicated fields if possible. Do not put everything in Keywords.
    Names of persons could best be placed in the 'People' field, names of locations in the 'Place Finder' field.

    In Expression Media you can add keywords to images different ways. One is to type them in per image with the 'Info' pane opened but this is only suitable for smal amount of images (the highest rated i.e.).

    More Easy is to open the 'Organize' Pane and drag/drop big groups of images onto the right Keywords/People/Locations.

    The List view you can modify so you can see wich images are 'forgotten'.
    I hope this information is usefull. Succes with your project.

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  • Baxter2
    Fantastic stuff Roelof

    Thanks very much indeed. I'll order the book and spend some time visiting those websites too.

    I'll certainly put data in the other fields too, but am required by the image library to follow certain policies and practices and place most of the information in the keywords field.

    Using as large a groups as I can was what I had in mind. Then new images ought to be easy to load with data as I come back from a shoot.

    Many thanks

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