taking up to 5-6 seconds to load, and really long lag time using tools and adjustments!!!!!



  • SFA

    It sounds like something is not quite right.

    What possible configuration changes have you tested so far?

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  • John Wildgoose

    Same here, tried with and without hardware acceleration, was hoping to find an answer here.

    Currently i can get by (in the absence of any app that can do the job properly), but man it's annoying. So often I make an adjustment, go to the next one and find the previous adjustment has gone further than I wanted it to, so I have to go back to re-adjust. I am two days into an edit that really should only have taken a day and a half.

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  • FirstName LastName

    Andrew, I have the same iMac config as yours, but with the internal hard disk upgraded to 2 TB SSD, and I am still facing the same problems as you are. Its impossible to work on any adjustments, or toggle between view/ high mask, or even loading an image.

    I have the trial version of C1 v21 latest version and MacOS also updated to latest. 

    Its so frustrating that C1 has many amazing features compared to Lr, but is almost unusable due to performance issues. Inspite of lots of research and going through various posts here, I have not been able to find any solution.

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