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  • Shane Baker

    I found that when associating child keywords to an image and then removing the child keyword the parent keyword would stay associated

    That would be because they are separate keywords.

    FWIW, I for would be most unhappy if deleting a "child" keyword also deleted the "parent".



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  • Joachim Jundt

    Don't have much experience with keywords but as Shane says, no matter how much mothers and fathers your keyword-to-delete candidate has, they are all separated keywords. Killing a child is not the same as deleting the whole family.

    And the trash is just another folder to keep users happy who sometimes delete a bit too much. Like me, i.e..

    If you want to terminate the bloody files to never come back, three keys will act as terminators: ⌃⌘⌫ and poof, they rot in byte dust, that will teach 'em.

    I agree, the user experience of C1 is far away from "always a pleasure to use", but I also could list a couple of worse apps.

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  • SFA


    The point about C1 keywords is that they are dynamic within the current editing session (session or catalog).

    If a KW is embedded in an image (or associated with an image that is not currently selected  - say something filtered out or in the Trash  - basically the same situation - it will not be deleted. Sounds odd but in principle is exactly the right thing to do in my opinion.

    Add in that any KWs embedded in source files  - i.e. jpgs delivered from an external application or re-ingested files exported from C1 with KWs included - will always have those KWs embedded unless some other application is used to remove them. This obey's C1 current principle of never changing a source file.

    As for the "laggy" aspect. I think that can depend on circumstances to some extent. 

    Basically a smart album is a list of selected images held in memory. If you create new potential entries for the smart album the list must be refreshed in memory. A trigger action within the Smart Album selection is required to run the refresh. Constant monitoring might be a solution but may be somewhat demanding on resources.

    If you are seeing a situation where you feel the refresh has already been subject to a request within the Smart Album operation but has not been actioned then I would recommend reporting it to Capture One using the "Submit a request" option to open a Support Case.

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  • j.McCarthy (

    Thank you all for your comments :) Your insights have helped me understand the user experience a bit better. I appreciate your time. 

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