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Capture One Live Expiration



  • Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi Eric Staudenmaier

    Thank you for your post. We are currently not working on overhauling the expiration date mechanism for Capture One Live, even though we know it's a limitation for some of you.

    Extending or removing the expiration date would have implications for the cost of the service that we would need to reflect on the pricing, and we are not willing to change this at the moment.

    Allowing you to select a specific expiration date would increase usage complexity and this is something we would like to keep the same or reduce rather than increase.

  • Eric Staudenmaier

    Thanks, Mathieu.

    For me, keeping track of expiration dates adds complexity. I can certainly understand that eliminating expiration dates would dramatically increase the load on your end. Maybe the high-volume customers should pay more?

    I would prefer a system with limits placed on the total number of hosted files. I have no idea what your use typical customers use. 5k, 50k 300k images at a time? I'm not high volume in terms of image count but do have projects that last longer than a month

    up to 5000 files=$5/month,  up to 20,000 files=$10/month,  up to 100,000 files=$10/mont, etc.....

  • Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi again Eric, 

    You should receive an email a few days before the expiration date so that you don't have to keep track yourself. If this is not the case I would suggest to update to the latest version and reach out to our support team if this doesn't fix it.

    Thank you for the suggestion about tiered pricing, this is something we have considered but decided against for various reasons. But we have it in mind, so if we decide to revisit pricing this will be one option we could look into.


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