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adding Capture Folders to an existing 'Live Session'



  • pedro

    ill answer my own post 👀


    seems if I start the Live Session by right Clicking the Favorites the browser will show newly added folders upon Refresh !


  • Douglas Garfield

    I have this problem too. Having to refresh the browser to see newly added folders/favs defeats the purpose of C1 Live for me. If my client is viewing images remotely, It's not practical to tell them to keep refreshing their browser. 

    If C1 Live can automatically show new images, why can't it automatically show new folders/favs? Especially if I set up Live to share "all favorites" at the beginning of the shoot.

    I want it to be automatic for both me and the client - start Live at the beginning of the shoot and let it keep populating images and folders the whole time without having to babysit it.

    Is there a practical way to do this?



  • pedro

    currently on 16.4.2 

    its worse now

    I can do FAVORITES for Share Online but any new Capture Folders added to Favourites after I started the Live Session will not be added...


    Minus three stars


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