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Creating your own WiFi network?



  • Jack W

    Live needs an internet connection, as that's how the previews are shared.

    However, you can wirelessly tether without an internet connection by connecting the workstation to the camera as a network access point.

    You could also consider using a 5G router if you need Live functionality. Maybe let us know a little bit more about the environment you are working in and we can advise more precisely?

  • Aron Farkas

    Hi Jack, thanks for your feedback! I had a client shoot where I was counting on using the Wifi in the venue, however there was no functional internet connection. I tried to use my phone, but did not succeed to establish a reliable connection - so I had to go on without the Live functionality.

    I was wondering if I should invest in equipment to avoid such situations in the future ie. creating my own reliable network on location - with a router or phone?

    So I wanted to know if someone had experience doing so and if yes what equipment are you using for?
    I figured you could use your phone too so I would love to know if that provides a reliable enough connection for a commercial shoot? Would you use your phone in a professional setting to establish wireless tethering + Live sharing?

    Thank you, Aron 



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