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Colour tags across tools



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    I think the answer is in the Metadata section on the Image tab of Capture One settings.

    • If you want the colour tags etc to be continuously monitored and updated, you need to set the drop down to Full Sync. But that can be a bit of a drag on system resources, and cause slow-downs. It may be better to not set that and then if you are working on a selection of images where you know you have changed the tags in another app, sync the metadata for those images manually.
    • Then if you check Prefer Sidecar XMP over Embedded Metadata, a change in the XMP file by another app should change the tag in Capture One. (In other words, if the tags are different, the XMP tag sins out, and the XMP tag is used.) But if you uncheck that, it means that if the tags are different, the tag in Capture One wins out over the one in the XMP file.
    • But I'm not sure what you have to do to work it the other way round - i.e. change the colour tag in Capture One and see that changed in another app. It probably depends on settings selected in the other app.
    • As to the other checkbox Prefer Embed XMP over Embedded IPTC, I have no idea!




  • Christian Velten

    Thank you very much for your feedback, Ian.


    "Prefer Sidecar XMP over Embedded Metadata" is checked in my case. The guidance by CO, some blog posts, and also other messages here in the forum was clear with that.

    = I assume & expect that XMP file tag wins ... except there was a more recent change inside CO which would update the XMP file via automated 'Full Sync'. And factually this is the behavior shown. Just the color mapping across tools seems to be wrong. (where for PM I have chosen the CO 'snapshot' = CO color coding preset, but still does not match)


    "Prefer Embed XMP over Embedded IPTC", based on what I understood this means that the XMP data stucture is used with saving and not the older IPTC data structure, which should be the preferred way when all tools can read the XMP structure (and in my case all involved do).


    "you need to set the drop down to Full Sync" ... I had this selected when I reported the issue last week. In the meantime I have "sidecar XMP autom. sync." to "none", which helped to get rid of some troubles. With manually triggered synct CO's behavior is much better to control, and at least now CO is not clearing Mylio-shown color labels anymore.

    It remains weird, that the behaviour of the metadata sync is so different between full automated sync and pure manual sync, where one would expect the same ehavios but jus triggered by different 'events'.






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