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New camera unsupported



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    What camera is it? Have you checked the list of Capture One supported cameras? That will tell you whether it is supported, and what version added support for it. 


  • Francis Mariani

    Thank you, Ian.

    It's an OM System TG-7, not important to C1, I presume.

    I should have verified this before posting. After posting I found the camera model list and also an "Improve Capture One" site. 

  • lars nilsson

    TG-7 is supported  - I raised a request for its support last year, and had it fullfilled rather prompt.


  • Francis Mariani

    lars nilsson

    Thanks, I do see it listed in the supported cameras. I might have been looking at an old list, or when skimming through the list, my eyes may have not noticed the text "OM System Tough TG-7" when seeing "Olympus TG-6" and older.

    I have C1 23, build 16..2.0.112. It looks like I need build 16.3.4. This is most likely not a free update, which means I will have to pay over $300 CAD to work with raw files of a camera that cost me $700.

  • Francis Mariani

    Going from 16.2.0. to 16.3.4 is going to cost me about $350. My version is about 13 months old. There's no reason for them not to update the supported cameras on recent versions. 

    DxO PhotoLab 7 has no problem reading my raw files and is less than a quarter of the the cost.

    Thank's to Capture One's "Loyalty Program", I've come to realize this company is not for me.

  • Francis Mariani

    One thing they've succeeded in doing is to help me realize I don't need Capture One. I'll go elsewhere.

    According to PetaPixel, "Capture One Increased the Price of Multi-User Plans by 344%" and Capture One Lays Off Staff Amid a ‘Significant’ Internal Restructure". Perhaps it's a sinking ship.


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