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I'm leaving Capture One.



  • FirstName LastName

    And it has become way too expensive.

  • Nick Wheeler

    Jerimie - I do feel your pain but I still use C1 for original processing as I find the ICC profile color rendering workflow with ProStandard profiles superior to DNG. But much of post processing is then passed on to other applications such as Iridient Developer, Adobe Camera Raw, Aurora, PTGui etc where far superior editing tools are available. I wish C1 could export 32 bit files for editing in ACR!



  • Jay Ach

    At that point myself, having spent the last 45 minutes trying to crop a photo to print part at an odd size. I can't make this happen, despite being a CO user for the last decade. This should have (and used to) take less than 30 seconds. WTF?

    I'm tired of adjusting to seemingly random interface changes that result in increased complexity without any corresponding benefit. I did my best to support the underdog, but I'm tired of major frustrations with this product. Adobe, here I come.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Jay Ach - do you want to give more details of your cropping issue? It sounds as though it's something that should still be perfectly easy to do.



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