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Duplicate images in catalog



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Are the images "managed" (stored inside the catalog itself) or "referenced" (located in folders on your file system, outside the catalog)?

    What version of Capture One are you using, and what version of MacOS or Windows?


  • Andres Villamuez

    Hello. thanks for getting back to me. 

    Images are referenced to a folder.

  • Alexandre Sidorenko

    I had a somewhat similar problem even though not as bad as yours. Namely, in some directories (not all of them) photos looked duplicated. The only reliable solution was like that:

    • In Library module right-click on a problematic directory and do 'Export as Catalog'
    • Delete this directory from Catalog  (right-click on it in Library module and choose 'Delete', this does not remove the files!)
    • Re-import from the newly exported catalog

    Hope that helps,


  • Andres Villamuez

    Thanks Alex.

    Unfortunately Capture One customer support is a joke. I have decided to go back to Adobe Lightroom, already uninstalled it and deleted everything that has to do with that software.

    I am very pleased with how Adobe Lightroom has evolved since last time I used it.


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