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Style folders control



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    On the Styles and Presets tool, if you click the ... next to the tool name do you see this?

    Or this?

    • If the tool is in the pinned area at the top of the tool tab, it will close to make room for other tools that you open. 
    • If it's in the scrollable area at the lower end of the tool tab, it won't close, but you can scroll the tools there up and down as required.

    This is typically more of an issue on a laptop than on a desktop, because of its smaller screen size. 

    If the tool is in the pinned area, try moving it to the scrollable area, and see whether it then works as you want it to.

    And you should save your workspace anyway!


  • Ron Poelman

    Thank you Ian. Unfortunately that's not what I was looking for. The reason I tried the Pinned option was to avoid having the Styles and Presets open, to save space, I require none of it except my Custom settings. Now it looks like pinned isn't pinned (according to C1). It won't kill me, but it's extremely annoying to have the luxury of a dedicated menu which changes when you shutdown and restart, not exactly expected default behaviour, for mine. Reading up on Workspaces now. Ta again.


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