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More ways to sort images in Capture One Live
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Problems with Capture One Live so far...
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image order/ password
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Online sharing
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Online Shared Session expiration date extension
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Loosing the ratings of my customer, Live not working
1 vote 6 comments
Capture One Live Expiration
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Please make Live a tool able to be floating or set in a separate Tab
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Two way sync not working?
1 vote 5 comments
Capture One Live - bad resolution?!
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Client comments
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How do I view clients comments in C1?
1 vote 14 comments
The user already exists
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Live "unlimited" using 16.3
0 votes 2 comments
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Feature Requests
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I am keep losing the selection that my client made
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Capture One Pro on desktop Perpetual license
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hey Can you tether video and export into folders
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Capture one live select by rating
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Capture One Live not properly synchronizing
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Creating your own WiFi network?
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We're listening
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Please, make sessions manageable.
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Client gets asked to sign in to see session
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adding Capture Folders to an existing 'Live Session'
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Add number of images in each rating under filters.
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Bombarded with e-mails from Capture One live
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How to see the comments in C1 desktop?
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