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can't open anymore my Capture One 23



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    another Capture One license is already in use Cannot use multiple Capture One licenses simultaneously"

    Close C1 application and login to your CaptureOne account > manage licenses and deactivate your activations for this computer. Then start C1 again and activate it.

    the catalog was saved with a newer version of Capture One and cannot be played with that version"

    Be aware that most newer version will upgrade your catalog and you will never be able to open this catalog with on older version. Hence C1 usually makes a backup copy before upgrading.

    So, I assume you have installed the new version in parallel to the older, right?


  • Sandro Weltin

    Thank you both for your reply. Everything is ok again now ; even if I still don't know really what happened.

    Kind regards.


  • Sandro Weltin

    I just came back to my working station after two hours ; tried again and it works. I was afraid to be honnest.

    Kind regards.



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