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  • Christian Wachsmann

    I have the impression that Capture One AI features are currently only optimized for Apple hardware. For instance, Capture One 16.4.0 introduced GPU acceleration for the AI Masking feature which significantly reduces the processing time for creating AI Masks on Apple M1 Max silicon from several seconds to almost zero (see Capture One Livestream | This is Capture One Studio + all-new update (youtube.com) at 17:21 for the presentation of the performance enhancements and 20:20 for the specification of the demo system). I have seen no performance improvements on my laptop based on an Intel Core i7-1260P processor with 32GB RAM using the internal Intel Iris Xe GPU, which has roughly the same age as the M1 Pro. Admittedly, the Iris Xe GPU is less performant than the M1 Max GPU, but I was frustrated of not seeing any performance gain at all. I think Capture One would waste a lot of potential by focusing only on Apple silicon and ignoring the opportunity to support the new shiny NPU hardware available in Windows Copilot+ PCs and I hope that Capture One will support them in the near future. Otherwise, on Windows Copilot+ PCs, Capture One AI features would have a significant performance disadvantage compared to Adobe Lightroom.


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