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New tool-tab icons in 15.3


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  • Abbott Schindler

    I agree with you, to the extent that although I like the new Magic Eraser, the new icons and some of the other UI "improvements" have me so put off that I'll probably stick with a pre-15.3 version. My experience so far is that almost every UI "improvement" over the last year or so has caused me more work (example the new Export workflow), and the new tab icons are totally useless (no wonder they gave us the ability to show the labels!). I'd have been happy if the old icons had simply been made larger. Or, better yet, give us a Preference for setting UI element size, including text.

    For example, icon tool labels and text in the Metadata tool are very small on my 27" displays, and the type face could be more readable as well.

    If enough users complain, though, perhaps we'll see a 15.3.1 release that fixes this is a user friendly (as opposed to an iOS consistent) way.

  • Nicolas Det

    I could not agree more.

    Trying to merge the UI of the desktop and iPad version will result in a bad UI for one of them or both.. The new toolbar's icons are ugly, unpractical, and unlogic..

  • Andreas

    Entirely my opinion.
    My problem is the size, I also use personalized the tool tabs. It's taking up too much screen space and I want to stick with my workflow. Now I have to decide one more click on the three dots or less space for the edit.

  • Noob with a Nikon

    Those new tool tab icons are ugly as the night. UI appeal is one of the main factors in a photo editing software for me. I don't mind their size really, since I'm mostly working on a 27" screen and even on my 14" laptop, they are functional. But they need to be integrated into the look of the C1 surface.

  • Vilmos Vincze

    Good to see I'm not alone with my opinion.

    The ugliness of these icons is glaring, because the rest of the UI looks nice. How this inconsistency was let go thru the development process, is beyond me...
    I hope someone influential enough will get fed up with it and change for the better will happen...

  • Vilmos Vincze

    Hi Nicolas,
    Thank you very much for this. As a matter of fact I was aware of this "Legacy" worskspace option.
    Actually it does not change the size of the tooltab icons (removing the "captions" from under the icons is a no brainer) and it does not bring back the old (legacy) tool tab icons.
    I personally don't care about the tab/tool-order (layout) at all, I customize my tooltabs to quite an extreme anyhow.
    The old icons were obviously consistent with the rest of the UI, and the new icons (their graphical appearance) are not. That's perhaps the most disturbing issue. It's a basic UI design failure, which is unacceptable: Steve Jobs would have personally killed anyone for such a crime... 😊 
    Look at the annotated screenshot I attached to my opening post: compare the two varieties of the "crop" and the "export" icons. There are now two types of icons: the UI is inconsistent and can cause sore eyes to anyone.
    Of course my accountant perhaps wouldn't notice, but people in the imaging business are sensitive to such things. I keep being perplexed by how this could go through any design-validation process at Capture One.



  • Nicolas Prahin

    I know it isn't a solution for all of us. It was for me as I'm using icons only without text (captions as you put it).

    As for the new icons design and names, I perfectly agree with you. I understand why they did it but don't think it's a great success.

  • Michael Taylor

    Loved the icons in V21.  Wish they were reinstated.  Professional.

    These v22/v23 bloated icons are too large, not enough categories and conflate categories.

    Look like a poor v1 iPad app.  

    When I go to custom design icons the choice is terrible!

    C1 team need to revert to v21 desktop icons -  or give workspace option.  Hope the developers listen.  


  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    I have downgraded to 15.2, but not because of the icons but because of two other bugs they have introduced in either 15.3 or 15.4 (and I don't know if they still exist in 16.x as I did not want to upgrade).

    To whom it may concern, here are the bugs:





  • Michael Taylor

    I never use latest version - always the one behind!   



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