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Performance on M1 Studio disappointing



  • Andrew Moore

    Hi Frank,

    I dissappointingly have come to the same conclusions. I have come from a 2019 iMac and expected a dramatic jump, but as yet I have not found any improvement, maybe even slower at times. 

    I am using v23 and have not upgraded to Ventura yet.
    I am planning to submit my working methods, set up and findings in the hope that the software can truly take advantage of the capability of the machine.

    My config is an M1 Max 32GPU 64GB 2TB


  • Frank Mantek

    I like to point out though, that captureOne is not the only one not really using this machine yet to its fullest. It's a new architecture, memory and multithreading wise, so to optimise this, will take time. And C1 was also on windows with an 3090 not really using a lot of the GPU power...  So I guess they have some more work to do to take advantage of metal and the rest... 



  • Roon

    Hi Frank,

    Not ignoring your comments, but if CO don't have their so called optimizations done by now, they might as well stop, since I'm quite sure the M2, M3 and Mxx will add new hardware features that also need optimization.
    So don't mind me (and a few others too I guess) to say that CO is bloody late with their optimization.

    Missed opportunity.



  • Pavel Derka

    Capture one has always been on time with making things work efficiently on a Mac - if you consider "on time" to be five or six years.  

    So just give it three more version upgrades.  

  • Simon Tregidgo

    Has there been any improvement in the 4 months since last post? Currently considering upgrading to an M2 Max mbp but if GPU isn’t being utilised I might be better off saving 20% and going M2 Pro or even a second hand M1.

  • Andrew Nemeth

    > Has there been any improvement in the 4 months since last post?

    No.  I have the latest 2023 M2 Max sStudio: 12-core, 38-gpu, 64GB, 1TB SSD

    The machine it replaced was the 2018 Mac Mini: 6-core Intel i7, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, AMD XT5700 (in a eGPU)

    The brand new M2 Max studio is barely faster in general C1 Pro use =/

    For example, I reapplied image lens correction to 178 images in a session. Actually took slightly longer than it did with the i7 (!). Was incredulous, so opened up the "Activity" and ran the process again.  Noticed that only ONE of the M2 Max cores was being used.  WTF!!!



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