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Improve your headshot workflow with Peter Hurley



  • Wolf

    Thank you for producing livestreams, tutorials, ... Go on doing so!

    On that  u n e d i t e d  Luke photo (1:02:35): I personally perceive the skin color on both "jaw to ear areas" as slightly too desaturated due to the reflection of the light on the skin (the RGB/luminosity readout would be interesting). The skin reflection is caused by the angle of the background light. Suboptimal angle? Yes, in my opinion.
    The desaturated areas stay challenging during the edit as they do not seem to sufficiently react to the skin tone edit at 01:05:10 regarding the uniformity of targeted hue and saturation.

    The challenge is linked to the photo itself, not to Capture One.
    Some photos are just tricky to edit - the skin tone editor is a great tool.

  • truepictures

    By the way, it is not very professional when comments with negative criticism are deleted by the moderator instead of dealing with them and perhaps solving the problem, as I had pointed out. What a pity.

  • Ed Baak

    I have been using C1 for a number of years and am quite comfortable with the editing workflow, and despite that, I learned A LOT from this livestream. Well done.

  • Ed Baak

    @truepictures, I remember the previous comment I think you are referring to and I thought it was disrespectful and seemed to be attacking an individual rather than providing any constructive feedback that could be used to improve a process. If we want to  hold an organisation or an individual to high 'professional' standards, then we should lead by example and use a professional communication style for ourselves. That starts with using our real name instead of hiding behind a meaningless alias. It's indeed a pity that an opportunity was missed to provide constructive feedback but it's not the moderator that is at fault here.


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