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Please add a filter “is contained in / it's not contained in” an album


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  • JoJu

    Hi Fabrizio, nice to meet again outside of PZ/OL :) Instead of keywords I use colour tags in that situation, i.e. using +, - or * for a green, red, yellow label. But it is limited like most workarounds:

    1. If you already have colour labels in your candidates, a conflict will become inevitable.
    2. 7 colour labels but only 3 shortcuts is another limit - thank you for giving me the kick to expand my shortcuts list.
    3. "If I change my mind and delete a picked photo, the filter would make it automatically appear back in the “Candidates” album." As far as I can understand, the removed (not "deleted") photo will then disappear from your album "picks", but since you didn't change the rating or "bird" keyword, it would still appear in then "candidates" smart album. 

    Now my question: If you already made one smart album with 2 conditions, why not only use colour labels and add a second smart album with 3 conditions: Keyword = bird, rating ≤4, colour=purple?

    However, your proposal for "extend smart albums with abilities to search for DAM-features" would be a big benefit for me, as it's impossible to use full text search for album/group/project names.

    Which was possible in Aperture a decade ago... 


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