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Add Fujifilm Film Simulations for Fuji X-A3 camera

Not currently planned



  • Official comment
    Christian G
    Product Manager

    Hi Paul, 

    We can only support the Filmsimulations that are supported by the camera itself. As such, we don't have plans to support Filmsimulations from other models on the X-A3.

  • Paul

    I am only asking for the Film Simulations that ARE supported by the X-A3 camera itself.  These are:

    • PROVIA
    • Velvia
    • ASTIA
    • Classic Chrome
    • PRO Neg. Hi
    • PRO Neg. Std
    • Monochrome
    • Monochrome + Ye Filter
    • Monochrome + R Filter
    • Monochrome + G Filter
    • Sepia

    Please add these.

  • Paul

    Christian Grüner:

    I believe you have marked my request incorrectly, believing that I had asked for something that I have not.  Would you please give this another look?

  • Paul

    Someone please take another look at this.

  • David Pharo

    I'm looking for these simulations for my XA-3 too; there doesn't seem to be a coherent response here? The simulations are available in camera to process RAW to jpegs but their equivalents not available in editors —or, have I (we) missed something and they're only / even available in Fuji's own editor?


  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    As I recall from some years ago when the Fuji relationship started and the film simulations were introduced, Fuji made the calls about which of their cameras were to be supported. Not all of them were at the time, even if the camera supported some simulations.

    I'm not a Fuji user so the details of exactly which cameras are in and which are not are unknown, though they were listed as the time and it may still be possible to find the information by searching. 

    I remember getting the impression that lower-specification models and models already at end-of-life seemed to miss out but whether that was for technical or marketing reasons I have no idea. 

    Here you are. 

    Fujifilm Film Simulations - Capture One


    The camera you are asking for was first supported in C1 V10.

    Film Simulation was introduced in C1 V12. 

    So for the Simulation facility to be unavailable seems to have been a specific decision taken by Fuji at the time.


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