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Integrated native DCP/ICC profiler

Not currently planned



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    Christian G
    Product Manager

    Hi Shark, 

    Thank you for your request.

    We currently don't have plans to integrate a color profiling system into Capture One. 

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    Hi Shark - I have developed a precise camera color characterization routine with Capture One's color engine (20/21) that achieves routine color accuracy with CFA-sensor cameras (& qualified smartphone cameras) - my average with a series of 15 DSLR/mirrorless cameras [Canons, Nikons, Sony, 1 Fujifilm XT4] is 0.38 dE*00 (avg) 0.49 dE*00 (max); [smartphone cameras a bit higher] - the profile accuracy is in the range of ~0.05 to 0.03 dE*00; then encoding to Working RGB (Adobe98) the camera color response is ~0.38/0.49 (avg/max) -- this is not a Capture One product or service - I use Patch Tool color analysis to validate the color differences (also work with ColorThinkPro; Raw Digger; etc) - 1.0 dE*00 represent the threshold of color difference perception (normal human color perception); so the goal is to achieve < 1.0 dE*00 for both avg & max to eliminate color correction editing in post -- conventional camera color profiling tends to be based on Pleasing Color objectives due to a number of technical limitations - to evaluate a camera's color response under a given capture condition, shoot a color references (ie: CC24 target) & compare the target colors vs the camera color in Patch Tool - connect with me via LinkedIn for more info - my page has the Porsche images on the banner - Glenn Martin - Las Vega  USA


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