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Duplicate Layer




  • Official comment
    Product Manager

    Hi Dunna,

    Thanks for the post and description! This is something we will implement in a future version.


  • Ludwig Sedlacek

    Hello Alexander,

    as an Product Manager - please bring in an move in this direction.

    - duplicate Layer with all adjustments and mask

    - add or subtract Mask from an other layer

    - duplicate exakt selectet color range in advanced color editor by pressing + (not geht a new one selection    with the whole color range…)

    - path tool to create sharp masks with curves

    - import - export mask (there is a work around: export: import: )

    Some have a workaround with many very timeconsuming steps. This are basic functions / tools for  picture creators.

    Please make also powerfull tools in C1 for picture creators!


    Best regards Luggi


  • Christopher O'Grady

    Just updated C1 and shocked this hasn't been implemented yet, I need to duplicate layers in at least 30% of my images. I should just be able to right click on a layer, hit duplicate, and drag that mask to a new place. Eg. making a small radial on someone's eye socket then duplicating and moving over their other eye

  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    As "Move Adjustments From Background Layer" is already implemented, same mechanism with small UI tweak is what needed -  Select Layer with Adjustments => Right Click => Duplicate Layer.

    But, I would prefer "Copy Adjustments From" => Layers List. This will give flexibility not only copy Mask from any Layer (feature already exist) but also adjustments.

  • Julien Apruzzese


  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Christopher O'Grady

    It seems that you're asking for duplicate layer as a work-around because C1 won't let you put two small radials on the same layer.  If C1 just let you have two radials in the same mask (one for each eye), then you wouldn't have to duplicate the layer at all.  That would be the better fix. 

    LR lets you add more than one parametric mask with operations to add, subtract or intersect various parametric masks (even brush strokes) without having to rasterize the parametric part of the mask.  That's what C1 really needs for this.   I'm not arguing against duplicate layer (it has other uses too), just that we'd also really like to have the ability to add more than one parametric mask element to the same layer mask.  That's hugely powerful and a better solution for your particular issue.

    While C1 used to have the lead in layers and mask construction, LR is now quite a bit more functional in that area.

  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    Christopher O'Grady 

    "Combine multiple gradients and brush/eraser in one mask" request has been submitted. But C1 decided not to take up this request now....

  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Prasad Palaniyandi

    That's unfortunate C1 has decided not to allow multiple mask elements within a single mask.  They are falling further and further behind LR in this regard.  I realize that maybe they can't chase LR on all features, but building masks for editing is a major element of what I do in my landscape photography and I would think a core element of editing photos (more core than many of the other features they have been introducing lately).

  • FirstName LastName

    "Combine multiple gradients and brush/eraser in one mask" request has been submitted. But C1 decided not to take up this request now.... 3-in-one-mask

    It's unfortunate that C1 has decided not to implement this feature at this time.


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