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Backing Up While Tethering


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  • OddS.

    > Adriana Escalante: ...back up the Capture One session and its photos when tethering?

    Assuming you need a tehter-time backup of image files only (not the session proper): Can you connect your camera to a computer and have image files land in a folder on disk using some application other than Capture One? If yes, you may also be able to start Capture One and point it to that same image folder using the "hot folder" feature for auto import to your Capture One session. That is how Capture One can fake tether to an unsupported camera: 

    Edited to add a (foreign) link to tethertools: and also to mention that "hot folder" comes under various names, "watch folder" in Lightroom, and "Live Ingest folder" in Photo Mechanic lingo. You may want to search the net for useful applications and/or devices like CamRanger.


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