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Canon R5 tether problems with C21



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    It's possible that the issue you are experiencing with tethering your Canon R5 with Capture One or newer versions could be caused by a number of factors. One potential culprit could be a software or firmware update that may have altered the way in which your camera communicates with your computer. Another possibility could be a hardware issue, such as a damaged USB port or cable.


  • Arturo Cubria

    We use R5s with 21 all the time , everyday and have no tethering issues. the key is a good quality tether cable. So far, the best results are the cables from Area51. Expensive ($140 each) but they will give you sanity. Nothing worse than a shitty connection . 

    good luck

  • Steve Reid

    Thanks guys, are you both using the tether lock from canon ? 

    I had no problems at first using it , but now it appears to be breaking my cables . so trying without . 

    Which is probably causing some disconnects , as the canon usb c port has a bit of play in it. 

    But also Capture One is flaming out as well. Sometimes once there's been a couple of physical cable disconnects , cap one will not connect again. its like it gets stuck in a loop in software connect, 

    It's strange it is trying to connect but , won't , only when I turn off camera will then connect for split second. 

    I've tried 3 different cables (tether tools) and its pretty random , apart from always happening when you need to shoot, always connects fine during the test shot ! as soon as models are on set it bugs out. 

    I just updated to C23 , and similar , a bit more consistent , but check all these error messages out . Sometimes C23 cant find the capture folder too . 

    Compared to a couple of years ago  this set up is not reliable. 


  • Steve Reid

    This is from a couple of hours , and continued doing this all day. I had to turn off camera remove battery , check cables , turn off Cap one , reboot . 


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