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Older Nikon camera's ICC profiles and Curves




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    Christian G
    Product Manager


    Thank you for request. 

    It seems you are mostly interested in the contrast-part. There are actually 2 options available here already: 

    1: Tweak the amount of contrast (and thus also saturation) by choosing i.e. the "Extra Shadow" filmcurve instead. These are found the Base Characteristics tool. 

    2: Using i.e. Levels, Curves, Exposure tool and even the Advanced Color Editor tool, you can make either a Style, that can be saved for later use, or set up new defaults for a particular camera-model, so that model always will load with the same applied settings from new. 

  • Mass

    Hi  I meant "Base Charactaristics" options for

    Nikon D800E - Neutral, Standard, Landscape, etc. It would be easier.

    However thank you for the tips.


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