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Tethered shooting directly to external SSD


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  • Michael Bellis

    Nestor, at first I thought you were onto something new, but knowing that most cameras will "store" photos to its' memory card and you've got a copy on the iPad, I can't see the reason to use an external SSD directly onto an iPad.

    You could, just off-load the photos from the iPad or memory card directly to a SSD after the shoot (bearing in mind you'll still have a least 2 sets of photos, one copy on iPad and one or two copies on the camera).

    Besides, connecting to many devices to the iPad will slow down the transfer on any such "file transfer" and drain the iPad battery more quickly. 

    Now, I am wondering if your iPad has a small hard drive, better to sell current iPad, save your money from buying a SSD and invest in a new iPad with at least 1TB. Less to carry and Less to go wrong!

    or try a Nexto ID, download after the event.




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