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Need Details on File Management



  • David Mantripp

    I believe everything is under the CaptureOne folder found under “On my iPad” (using the Files app). 
    Imported files are stored under the Originals folder, and settings, I imagine, in the catalog database. The storage model on iPad is the same as a desktop C1 catalog with files stored internally (“import into catalog”). Certainly C1 iPad doesn’t store anything on your camera. I’m not sure what you mean by “the drive”.

    It’s all pretty straightforward and accessible. When you delete files from within the C1 app, they disappear from the Originals folder. I imagine deleting them manually could lead to some confusion on the app’s part….

    Note, it has been reported that you can move a complete iPad CaptureOne.cocatalogdb file and its Originals folder to PC/Mac and open it there in C1 desktop. And indeed the reverse. Never tried it myself, and it’s not officially supported ….

  • Steven Hansen

    Thanks David for that explanation.  I found the files as you described.  Perhaps it is best to talk about how I work and what I would expect to happen.

    I don't use C1 Catalog function, but instead always start a photo shoot in a Session.  That sets up my subfolders including the selects folder, output folder, trash folder, and various session albums etc.  That works well for me.

    What I would use this iPad app for is to start with the right foot and be able to be where I set up a new Session and have all my initial folders set up.  During the photo shoot, I could have my client rate photos, do some light editing, cropping, and other minor adjustments to the clients taste which might include just deleting photos we probably won't use.

    When I'm done, I'd like to move the Session to my hard drive and what I mean by "The Drive" is a 1TB SSD drive that I hook up using the USB C port on the iPad.  I would move that work over to that drive, then import it into C1 on my desktop to continuing editing where I left off.  When I'm done and send the photos to the client, I'd move that session to my NAS for long term storage.

    I'm still new to using this but there seems to be a disconnect about how the iPad version works and how it can interface with the desktop version.  If the only way to do that is through the cloud, that is not good.  Out in the field, wifi can be slow or non-existent.  There has to be a way to manage this thorough connecting the ipad to a computer or by transferring files onto an external drive and then back onto a computer.  I should be able to do this easily in a way that is familiar to a long term C1 user.   Or I need a clear cut outline that explains a new better way to do things that is compelling.  So far I don't see this. 

  • David Mantripp

    As far as I understand it, I'm afraid that CaptureOne for iPad as it stands today does not support sessions.  I think your only solution is to export your files as EIP and unpack them into a new session capture folder on desktop.

    It's not ideal, but the iPad app is clearly a work in progress.  What little app/desktop integration there is, so far, is one-way consolidation of iPad catalog (which is not explicitly seen by users) with desktop catalog.

    It does seem to make more sense for them to have followed the Session model for iPad, and to be able to export a complete Session to desktop.  Obviously they did not, probably for strategic reasons due to the roadmap for iPad.  Time will tell.

    For now, in my personal opinion, CaptureOne for iPad is a very nice app, but is essentially isolated from the rest of the workflow.  I use it for initial evaluation in the field, but I don't migrate to desktop as many features essential to me ("basic characteristics" for example) are not yet addressable on iPad (even if they are there under the hood).

  • Steven Hansen

    Then it appears this iPad version of C1 will not work for me.  Will wait to see if the folks at Capture One will make the enhancements I personally view as essential to this product. 


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