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Sony A7 IV wireless tethering with 2.00 firmware



  • Jack W

    Hi Taaniel I have made a support request on your behalf based on another comment in the help center. We'll look into this issue and see if it is a bug, or if there's something specific to your setup that could be causing this behavior.

  • Gerard Hayes

    Hi - I have a similar problem with WiFi remote to my Macbook. Sony A7 IV and firmware version 2.0.

    I get the error message 'Tethering event: Camera is not open.' and The camera could not be attached. The Sony ILCE-7M4 is currently busy.

    I see that Canon customers are having similar issues?

  • Taaniel

    UPDATE: This is fixed now. For other people struggling with the same issue – All you have to do is DISABLE "Access.Authen.Settings" under Network Option. Thank you, Capture One team!

  • Gerard Hayes

    Hi Taaniel. Thank you for sharing the fix! I have just tried out on MacBook Pro and everything is now fine and dandy! I will now bid farewell to using Sony Imaging Edge (hopefully).


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