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  • Michael Bellis

    “…any camera…”, that’s a bold statement. Can you define what software/hardware is going to be necessary to implement the

    Does your bold statement only apply to working in a “studio” or does that include working remotely on location?

    I’m not aware (in my universe) that there’s any stills cameras that can send files directly to the cloud without some sort of Wi-Fi or a gizmo!

    Think we all would appreciate some clarity - thank you!

  • Robert Olding

    “…any camera…”,  That's what the post from states.  I imagine that any camera probably means any camera the Capture One supports.  A statement on the website mentions support for two Fuji cameras regarding untethered direct uploads to the cloud.

  • Michael Bellis

    Still no further forward whether this “” service is for “studios” or would it work “outside” on a remote location.

    Regarding the Fuji cameras, any would need to purchase the “grip”, which currently is not available.
    Plus, these two Fuji cameras use APSC sensors which most professionals wouldn’t touch.

    So who are “” targeting, who are the customers willing to subscribe to a cloud service? Majority of Pro-Photographers use full-frame sensors and even medium-format.
    I can hardly see a “semi-pro or amateur”, willing to subscribe to

    Therefore, how is this “service” going to work for “any camera”, it suggests a studio/Wi-Fi situation, in which case this is nothing new (unless there’s things not yet mentioned).

    Personally, I already subscribe to Capture One Live and CO for iPad, using a Phase One XF (studio) and a Nikon Z9 (outside work) .

    Wish I could see the benefit, but I am struggling to understand this service from

  • Robert Olding

    We use's service for client review of video post-production. also supports camera to cloud for video production.  We don't use that service, but many commercial video/film production companies do.  We'll post a video to's cloud, and clients make time-synced comments and do time-synced mark-ups.  It's very, very helpful and speeds up post-production.

    We're a commercial photo and video production company that shoots a very high volume of work.  We shoot stills tethered to Capture One, have fast up and down WiFi, and fast ethernet.  Almost all of our clients (art directors) work remotely.  I can't tell you how awful it is to try and interpret client notes from emails.  Plain and simple, it's a horrible, slow, and inefficient way to work.  (I've been around for quite a while.  I miss the days when there was an AD on set making approvals with Polaroids.)

    We've been using Capture One Live since it's been available and have found it works well.  The only thing we all wished it did was offered the ability to do mark-ups like

  • Michael Bellis

    I’m already using for video C2C, along with Atomos Cloud Studio. As for annotations, Capture One already offers this in their software for years now!
    So based upon what you’ve just explained this service from is for studio work - ONLY!
    And yet, there’s only two cameras that support this service from Fuji.

    What’s the difference between CO LIVE vs If it’s just annotations then CO can easily support this via their iPad app for CO.

    Seems to be that the latest “trend” for video/audio and now still photography is to use a subscription based cloud service.

    Atomos “tried” and failed miserably, don’t even get all the functionality.

    I mentioned Atomos coz 80% of their customers are independents and yet they will never purchase the full cloud service based upon cost.
    Seems like - aka ADOBE are going down the same subscription route and yet neither company understand their customer-base!

    One can easily write annotations using CO and send via a cloud service provider, what does offer that I haven’t already got ???

  • Robert Olding

    Aren't professional photo/video/advertising/design/pre-press companies Adobe's, Capture One's, Phase One's, etc. the main customer base?  Are some of their tools a bit bloated or not feature rich enough?

    Yes, annotations are available in Capture One itself and are made on-set by the shooter, AD, or a DIT.  Using CO LIVE allows clients to add a color tag or star rating.  But actual mark-ups made remotely by a client?  Where the only tool requirement is access to a web browser and internet connection.  I don't think that's available in any Capture One product.  We haven't fully investigated CO on the iPad so if there's a way for a client to remotely (not on set) make mark-ups with out needing anything other than a web browser and internet connection I'll have to take a closer look at it.  There are other cloud services such as Hightail but's mark-up tools are at this point the best we've used.

    We already have a company wide subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud so is a no-brainer.

  • Damon Loble

    I can definitely see a use case for this from my perspective as Digital-tech who sometimes needs to work in photoshop to refine looks for certain images.  

    As of right now, it won't preview or thumbnail an EIP file.  It would be very convenient were it to do so, in so far as working with retouchers and agencies who might appreciate seeing the C1 grading next to versions of PSD's with their adjustment layers intact where all the files are ready for download as a means of saving time.

  • Michael Bellis

    Do we have a time frame for the release date for this integration, along with subscription prices?


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