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How to remove LED banding from silent shutter photo?



  • Peter Brazdil

    Change the shutter speed to the frequency you have in your power distrubutions.
    Select Anti flicker and anti flimmer to on.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Peter Brazdil - I think the OP is asking how to remove it in Capture One, now that the problem has arisen in this image.

    Sharon sltorello - the only thing I can think of, and it would be tedious, would be to use the clone or heal tool on each band. If Capture One's tools don't do it, maybe it's a job for Affinity Photo or for Photoshop. I suspect the hardest part would be the hand. A lot of patience would be needed, and of course as Peter says, better to avoid the issue in the first place. It's a known problem with silent shutter, I gather.

    You could also use negative clarity on the put of focus areas, but that would not work well for the hand.


  • Sharon sltorello

    Thanks, Ian Wilson. Yes, ideally I would have seen this while shooting the event but the lines are very thin (The image I posted is a good 2x or more magnification) and I didn't see it on the small EVF or LCD screen. Yes, it's a problem with electronic/silent shutter on some cameras. The best way to fix it is to either shoot with mechanical shutter or slow the shutter speed down while on the shoot. If you don't catch it at that time it's far more difficult to fix. I'll look into the negative clarity option because I don't mind losing a bit of sharpness. You can also reduce it a bit by adding some grain, but I'm guessing I might need to experiment with Affinity Photo (as mentioned). 


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