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What are your thoughts on Capture One?



  • Jaske Dek

    With the current behaviour, it's sometimes hard to tell which workspace is loaded (and which to overwrite with any changes made). This is especially worthwhile when starting out to customize C1

  • danialhertz

    I can totally relate! Photography has been my passion since I was a little kid. Looking back, I can't say anything but positive words s about learning to capture the perfect shot with my old cameras haha! Even now, I'm still using the free version and taking my time to master it. But I'm excited for the journey ahead and all the amazing photos I'll be able to create. I can't really share much since I am new to Capture One too, but I am enjoying it so far.

  • J.

    In 3 months you've probably made up your mind about it already :) Just want to add that I was never really happy with LightRoom (Adobe, in general - I avoid their products like the plague). I bought a full lifetime license for Capture One 20 on the advice of one of my photographer friends when it came out and never looked back! It was a steep learning curve, I remember. The UI was unfamiliar, there were so many options and tools, I was having a hard time finding my way around it. Having watched a few tutorials helped a lot though and I'm really happy with the performance, the amount of control over my images (both at the pixel and file level), and the smooth workflow.

    I have just had to set up a new computer and I was really surprised how easy it was to migrate my entire catalog. I was fully ready to manually import 13 years' worth of images... but all I had to do was to import my catalog file and point to the right location.

    So yeah. Big fan :) Plus they have tons of great webinars available.


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