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Lightroom Catalog import should import more settings



  • Thysje Arthur

    With 50,000 images, I have had the same issues as you've described. I still have not been able to 'correct' favourite edited photos from years ago to Capture One's settings. it's like starting all over again with editing process. The time involved to do this for years of images (and only the best ones for that year) is ridiculous and not feasible. I pushed through with CO, but if I'd realized the extent of the problem I may well have not bothered converting. Other software solutions are not the answer really. At least it shouldn't be.

    With regard to presets conversion to CO's styles, I have used Preset Converter from Picture Instruments, but honestly it is not successful! Some are close but many are nothing like the original. If I need or want to go back to Lightroom edited photos, I must open Lightroom and export my originals to tiff. 

    I would like to scrap Lightroom, but I cannot rely solely on Capture One...

  • ernst.w

    First things first: There is nearly no way to export/import/migrate ALL settings from one RAW converter to another. Think on different scales in different settings and more. There is no way to get all levels with special settings, Style and more from one converter to the other.

    If you need an useful tzool to migrate, there is Avalanche ( It works as good as possible at the moment, the results are useful starting points for further finetuning. Of course (read what I wrote before) you won't get perfect results at the first run.

    Sorry to say: Avanlanche work on MacOS only. You will need a friend to migrate. But ist works.

    Kind regards


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