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Please support export to 10 bit HEIF/HEIC



  • BeO
    Top Commenter


    Probably it is also a good archiving format, when storage is a consideration (in case the format is still supported in a few decades)

  • R Owen

    Having read more about it, I'm sorry to see that HEIF/HEIC needs licensing. It still seems pragmatic (if used to preserve dynamic range, instead of at high enough compression to lose detail). Long term I hope JPEG XL catches on. No royalties and potentially even higher dynamic range.

  • Jan Skýpala

    What problem do you see this solving?
    HEIC file uses 50-75% weight compared to JPEGs of similar quality. Also, HEIC supports both 8-bit and 10-bit, while JPEG supports 8-bit only. HEIC is natively supported by macOS 10.13 and newer, Windows 11 (also, there is a free extension for Windows 10 to support HEIC), iOS 11 and newer, Android 8 and newer, Ubuntu 20.04 and newer.

    When was the last time you were affected by this lack of functionality, or specific tool?
    Every time I export pictures from Capture One.

    Are you using any workarounds or other solutions to achieve your goals in Capture One?
    No workaround at the moment.

    Are you happy to be contacted further about this suggestion or request?

  • Levin Gubler

    HEIF/HEIC support would be really great, especially since we could preserve more dynamic range in an efficient format when exporting. The Apple ecosystem has amazing support already and I think Windows supports it as well.

  • Dodge Burn

    +1 please!
    I would prefer if Fujifilm would have an option for *automatic* 16bit tiffs, so the 10bit heif is closest. It’s frustrating to have to keep using 8bit jpeg.


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