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Stacking/Grouping images



  • Jürgen Hügle

    My vote for this. This is a feature the community asked for so often over the last couple of years. Is it realy that hard to implement? Instead we have dust removal with AI or face focus in culling mode ... I wished some of those smaller UI and worfklow polishing feature requests would also be considered and implemented. Especially if they are requested over and over again and seem to be technically possible (Lightroom can do I am sure C1 could do it as well). 

    It would be helpfull for jpg + raw shooting but e.g. also if you edit some pictures in external software like Affinity and a separate tiff needs to be created. At the moment the tiff and the original raw are always treated as two separate images. It would be so great if we could group them together to one "stack". And ungroup them again later if we maybe no longer need the stack. Furthermore it would be great if we could group all pictures within an album with the same filename automatically (irrespecitve of file extension).  



  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    I support this request.. This has been asked many times.. In fact when HDR and Panoramic launched, this request was put across...

    C1 should extend Cull, HDR and Panoramic tools for Stacking...

  • Chris D'Ardenne

    After every release I email this request to C1.  Here we are, a new release and still no collapsing groups.  This would really improve workflow in a large way.  

  • JohnD

    I'll echo this request. It remains the one thing I sorely miss from Lightroom, and seems such a basic function from a workflow pov.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

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  • Milan Zuscik

    My vote for this.

  • Paul Friderich

    I support this request as I have the same issue Jeff Petry has. Thanks very much for bringing this up.

  • FirstName LastName

    This is actually a very basic requirement and crucial for having a good workflow in most use cases for the software. PLEASE implement grouping / stacking


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