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rename pictures by IPTC



  • Eric Valk

    It would be very helpful to know what the script does do when it runs.
    Are there any error messages in the log, and what are they.
    Does the script run to the end or stop with an error? Which error?
    Can you put in a notification or counter to determine if the while loop is executed?
    What happens when you display the value of “titlevalue”

  • Eric Valk

    Walter has clearly identified one of the problems, and that this will rename the file.

  • Rick Allen

    Very interesting that you managed to get this far with GPT!!


    If the status title is empty you might want to account for that with a if condition.

    If photo’s status title is not “” then
    Do rename
    end if

  • Tomáš Vrtal


    Hello and thank you all for your interest.

    Yes, renaming a file ( name change ) to the same name as the value specified on the title line in iptc is exactly what I need.
    In my case, it is probably desirable that if the title value is empty, do nothing and jump to the next file.

    The thing is, I have photos with the title value filled in in iptc and I need them to have the same name.

    I get syntax eror in Script editor { see pic }

    I enclose a screenshot of what I would like to achieve ( of course on a selection of many photos at once )
    Thank you for your patience

  • Tomáš Vrtal

    Great, thank you very much, I will definitely try.
    Thanks for the clarification and patience.
    Have a nice day.
    Tomas Vrtal


    Not to be a party pooper but if you have the IPTC field already filled in, then you can just use Batch rename with the appropriate token. Scripting this is totally unnecessary. 

  • Tomáš Vrtal

    Yes and no, if I only need a name after export, then yes.

    No, because I need a more complicated output. I guess I have to explain it more.

    The resulting photos is:

    1] a watermark / derived from the title value and created after export in an external program, because capture one does not know a watermark on a white background / which is common for multiple views of one object.
    2] and has a unique filename / the base is usually title + sufix / which is uniqe for each view of one object.

    This way I can write the title, with script rename the mastery photos, add only a suffix, export, add a watermark by batch.

    Because in this particular workflow I only work with mastry and not variants, I slightly simplified the walter script and now it works exactly as I needed.

    tell application "Capture One 23"


    set selectedPhotos to get variants where selected is true

    set lastParent to ""

    repeat with photo in selectedPhotos

    set photo's parent image's name to photo's status title

    set lastParent to photo's parent image

    end repeat

    end tell


    thanks a lot to everyone for help /specialy Walter Rowe/ and maybe it will be useful for someone.
    Tomas Vrtal



    Maybe I missed something but all the script does is the same as Batch Rename on the "mastery" photos... ?

  • Tomáš Vrtal

    Description "title" is only the base for the file name, then I edit it /add user index, suffix etc./ and if I do it in the capture one environment I can then export to the target formats /tiff, jpg. raw/ with the correct name.

    If I did it with batch rename I would then have to add user data /index, suffix etc./ to each export /tiff, jpg. raw/ especially.

    Maybe I describe it awkwardly :-)


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