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Possibility to save luma range masks / filled masks in custom styles




  • Official comment
    Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the post, comments, and votes! We are actively looking into this.

    Update: This is now included in Capture One 16.3.4 released on January 18th.


  • Marcel Braungner

    Oh, that would be an insane relief for me too!

  • Jackie Brent

    First of all, sorry for my bad English, I am from the Netherlands, but I hope it is still ok so you can understand me. Like the topic starter I also spend so much time fiddling around with those luminosity masks at layers. Having the ability to save these settings in presets would be absolutely awesome! I wondered why this hasn't been realized earlier.

    So, also from my side a big +1 for this request. And I am really looking forward and hoping for a possible integration into C1.

    Best regards,


  • Herrera Betzaira

    Brilliant Idea !

    +1 from my side

  • Lorelai Musk

    What I don’t understand... why not implement it right from the start? I clearly see the benefit of it.

  • Tony Gumpert

    Today I stumbled upon the exact same issue and saw that this feature request already exists. So I will join this one and vote +1.

    Regarding my usecase:

    I bought some really cool film emulation presets for CO from digistock. Beside of many basic variation settings which can be mixed to the own taste, they also provide for each film emulation some cool halation effects, which need to be applied by using a luminosity mask. Due to the fact that Capture One does not currently save luminosity mask settings of layers in user presets, I am not able to include all settings in my user preset. So, when I am applying my own user preset to 100 images, I have to create 100 luminosity masks by hand in order to include the halation effects. This is absolutely not the way things should be. A preset in my opinion should be able to save "every" setting, the user has made.


  • Sabine Metz

    I've been having the exact same issue and it costs me HOURS of extra work per week. I need to adjust all of my luma range layers when I paste them onto another photo. So time consuming. Please fix this!

  • Paul Marshaun

    I also fully support this feature request. Such a feature would make my life A LOT easier.

  • Danny Batista

    So important to have and even more important when "select subject" masking becomes available on c1. We need to be able to have presets/styles that include any type of mask. Whether its luma, filled, or AI types of masks. Imagine making a preset with select subject masks that makes the subject "pop". We would create subject selection as layer one that does some exposure and contrast adjustments (and be namable (ie "subject"). Then we would have an inverted mask for background that would decrease exposure a touch, saturation a touch, and a little contrast decrease and have that saved as a style that automatically detects and creates the layers on each variant we want to do that on. UGH! The life we would live! 

  • Syanna Bolt

    I absolutely agree on this! Good to see it logged. Hopefully this will be implemented soon, because it is such an essential feature to be able to create presets which cover all edit functions. And this especially holds true for all layer functions like masks etc.

  • Carl Meilech

    I also fully support the feature request and emphasize it's importance.

  • studio imagine

    We are very disappointed that two months have passed since this request for improvement was submitted and there is still no sign of improvement.

    Why can't I include a luminance range when saving a custom style?
    I am forced to work very inefficiently because I can't include a luminance range when saving a custom style, even though I can make great use of layers to develop the image.

    I would really like to see improvements because the efficiency and quality would increase dramatically if they were improved.

  • Ankith Sinth

    I'm also eagerly waiting for this. In my eyes this is a must have - as soon as possible.

  • David Vercruysse

    For me too, having mask in presets would be so useful !! 

  • Laurie Brett

    Oh Yes Please, this would be a terrific benefit!  For example I want to save a sharpening mask for the edges of a particular lens, I create a kind of vignette mask and apply sharpening just to the edges of an image. I would be able to use the same mask on all the images I shot with that lens / aperture.



  • Sebastian Reiprich

    Although I generally support this feature request, couldn’t you just use the lens correction tool for sharpening the edges of your images?

  • Laurie Brett

    Sebastian - thank you, but it appears to affect the whole image not just the edges, and there's little control over the type of sharpening / micro contrast etc. just a single slider - unless I've missed something?

  • Agathe Mersk

    I'm really disappointed and angry. Sorry, but how can such essential things take more than 1 month to implement?! But on the other side I should now buy a complete new license for AI masking? What is AI masking and all that stuff good for when I can not save everything into a preset? Should I apply my preset and then do the luma masking etc. every time for every image by hand? Are you living behind the moon? Get back to reality! Ignoring your customer feedback is the worst you can do. But in my opinion you have already dug your own grave with your license policy.

    For the price of one license I will rather buy 2-3 years of a consecutive Adobe Lightroom+Photoshop Abo. They think till the end and do not do half-cooked things.


  • Mary Bell

    As a CO user I experienced a bug when copying a layer with a luma range applied to it between images. If I copy a layer which has a luma range applied to it from a portrait image to a landscape image by using the "Copy and Apply Adjustments" option or by "Copy Adjustments from the Primary Variant" + "Apply Adjustments to all Selected Variants" options, the new layer on the landscape image has also a portrait format and does not affect the whole landscape image. There is no way to fix this without deleting the whole mask.

  • Brian Jordan

    Mary Bell Mary, hi.  I think you'll find this your issue is identical to the one here and is not confined solely to Luma Range marks.  You might consider adding your comment to that thread.  Fingers crossed we get a fix soon.

  • Joeri Peeters

    Expand the selection to saved masks in a PSD file so I can use these masks in Photoshop too.


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