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More a qustion than feedback


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  • Jack W

    Hi Jehuda Waeltermann - first of all, thank you for your post.

    If you've been told to make a post in Improve Capture One, it's because the behavior you've described to the Support team indicates that you have a feature request, rather than a bug report. 

    You should be asked once, maybe twice to provide files and agents do have access to attached files. However, I don't know the full details of your request without looking into your support history. If there's something you feel has been unaddressed or missed, then let us know in here - maybe we can open a discussion about it.

    By the sounds of it, you definitely should make a post over here:

    When navigating to this topic and selecting "New Post" the post will be pre-filled with a template, which you can fill in based on your feedback.

    I hope that helps at least explain where to direct your thoughts and findings. If you wish to open a discussion on the functionality (or lack of) a particular tool or feature in Capture One, then maybe consider posting in the relevant topic based on what platform you are using and which version.


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