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Multiple cameras tethering



  • Jack W

    Moving this to a different topic, as I think you’ll get more help here :)


    You are almost there, you just need a different property to initialise your list.

    There are two concepts here: Selected, and Available. 

    You want the "available camera identifiers" - this will give you a list of what is connected (tethered and powered on). Verify in the CO interface dropdown menu in the camera tool, you should see your two Sony cameras) and this should be the same in the available list.

    Then you can iterate the list using "Select Camera" command. 

  • Thomas Axel

    I tried chat gpt.

    Maybe you can draw some ideas from there

    tell application "Capture One 21" -- Replace with the version you're using

    -- Get the list of open documents

    set docList to documents


    -- Loop through each open document


    repeat with theDocument in docList


    -- Set the active document to the current document

    set current document to theDocument

    -- Trigger capture for the active document



    end repeat

    end tell

  • FirstName LastName

    Thank you for your replies,

    I understand the concept of using two sessions.

    I did tried to open 2 sessions (called "documents" in applescript) and try to capture sequentially by switching between sessions.
    But more problems arose. 2 sessions can only be identified if they're opened in different windows. I tried to write a script (even with chatgpt) to switch between sessions in a single window, but to no avail. 
    Besides, when you switch between sessions in a single window, the camera remains the same, which mean you have to switch the camera again, leading us to the intial problem.
    Switching sessions in different windows with script is still a challenge.

    I will try the idea of Selected cameras and Available cameras out, but if it leads to "camera list" again, I don't think this will go well

    Thank you for your replies again. Please let me know if anything good pops up


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