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  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    There is no need to keep many multiple past backups of the catalog. I generally keep a handful only, and from time to time I delete some of the older ones. A tip, if you use Time Machine: I have found a couple of times that when I have deleted a large number of catalog backups at once, Time Machine gets itself in a twist, and the next TM backup seems to take for ever. I think it's because the catalog is actually a "package" containing a very large number of files, and TM has to try to keep track of all of them. I try to delete only a small handful of the backups at a time, and come back another day to do more.

    (And you are doing some kind of backup with TM or similar aren't you? Remember that the catalog backup feature in Capture One does NOT back up the actual image files.)

    I wouldn't worry about things like the Originals folder - as you don't store images inside the catalog, it won't be taking up much space. Just leave it - Capture One would probably only recreate it if you deleted it, and you might corrupt the catalog. (In general I wouldn't directly mess with anything inside the catalog package.)

    You can move the whole catalog to another location if you want to, though you may need to use the Locate function to reconnect it with the folders where your images are. Experiment with a small test catalog first to check what you need to do.



  • Stefan Weinmann

    Thanks a lot, Ian - very helpful!!!



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