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Changing Variant Name



  • Wolfgang Stoiber

    To clarify the details like an armchair programmer: currently an image in a C1 catalog has a (file)NAME, variants of the this image have NUMBERS (which are also tokens that can be used to name the output file).

    So CaptureOne would need to:

    • either change the existing <variant number> to a <variant text token>
    • or, better, add an additional <variant-name> field

    This new token would have to be exposed to the user for easy input, maybe in the browser, right under the filename. And also in the metadata tab. 

  • Dan DeVries

    As a plan B - I add the image details into the Keywords field. So if variant #2 is a 4x5 crop - I enter 4x5 as a keyword.  It's an OK work around. 

    The only tricky part is that I have to export it with a different name - so I know what rev it is. 


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