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Sony a7rv (a7r5) in CO 22

Not currently planned



  • Official comment
    Christian G
    Product Manager


    We currently have don't plans to backport new camera support to older versions of Capture One. 

    The Sony a7R V is supported from Capture One 23 (build 16.0.1).

  • Jacques Chandon

    I know the same situation, Capture One 2022 does not accept RAW files from Sony A7RV......
    I agree with your request, buy a perpetual version and not being able to take advantage of compatibility with a gear is difficult to accept in view of the cost of the perpetual version.
    As a result I no longer use Capture One, have lost the purchase of the perpetual version and am very disappointed with the Capture One policy.
    For information, I now use 2 high-performance software: ON1 and Radiant Photo, both of which are compatible with the A7RV.
    I hope your request will be heard.....

  • Jehuda Waeltermann

    See my post from today requesting generic ARW 4.0 support (that's also used in the A7rV and all other Sony cameras since 2022)


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