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iPad recommendation for shooting tethered with sony a7III



  • Jack W

    The easy answer to this is to get the latest iPad Pro with as much storage as you can afford. A list of compatible iPads is here:

  • Ira Potter

    Hi Michelle, I have been using an 11" iPad Pro which has the the m2 chip, the size is ideal for portability and weight and I am really happy with the display quality this has, although there are advantages  be had with the larger model which has a brighter screen which is great for 4k video, the additional size and weight almost cancel out the advantages of not carrying a laptop (full details from Macworld) :

    The speed that Capture One handles files on mine is brilliant, importing, exporting and editing is really fast, I am generally using 30mp or 50mp raw files and it handles them easily, I have the 256 GB version as I like to transfer my files to a 1TB SSD drive which I can then use with either my laptop or desktop, this gives me plenty of storage capacity which I can easily almost double with a second SSD drive, this also allows me to back up on the move which you can't easily do if you rely on a model with larger memory as your only form of storage.

    I have 5G on my phone with unlimited data usage which I use as a hub so personally I didn't see the cellular model worth investing in.

    Along with the iPad, I have a magic keyboard which also helps to protect the screen, and the pencil which comes in very handy, to protect these I also use an STM Dux shell which fits onto the magic keyboard, has a docking space for the pencil and gives much more protection, the whole package is obviously heavier than just an iPad on its own but it is very well protected and easy to use especially when editing on a desk.

    Hope any of this is useful,



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