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Session db file missing after moving entire session folder



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    No you don't need to "import" the images into the new session. Just create your new session, then in the Capture One library tools (NOT in Finder) navigate to the folders where the images are now, and drag the images to the appropriate folders of the new session. Capture One will bring all your edits along with them (because in a session, the edits are all stored in subfolders of the folders where the images are, and not in the database). The database for a session doesn't contain much (information about albums, smart albums and things like that, perhaps). But the main point is that your edits are safe.


  • Ronald Boe

    So many questions. I want to create the "new" session in the folder where the images are now (basically tell CO, here they are - deal with them). It seems to me (wrong idea?!) that dragging and dropping involves copying - i.e. more memory space being used up. Tried the dragging, I can hear the HD thrashing. This is not the result I want.

  • Ronald Boe

    I should point out, these are dog agility trial shots so some sessions are well over a thousand shots. As you can see, with a high mp camera things get out of hand rather quickly.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    While organizing my sessions by year; going back to retrieve some photos; many (vast majority if not all for 2022 and earlier) the *.cosessiondb is missing.

    Can you tell more?

    Only one session? Did you have all images in one folder (the "Capture" folder)? Now what is your exact new folder structure? Did you move the images already to that new folder structure, and how (which app?)?

    If you did it already, and did it with Finder, then I would not follow Ian's advice just yet, your edits (which needs to reside in each images sub folder) migth be gone already and you need to undo this (also with Finder) to (hopefully) get your edits back (if they still reside in the sub folder Capture/Captue One...)

    Only after that do the move into the new folder structure with C1 lib tool as Ian advised.*)

    *) This won't double your images but only move them.
    However, (at least with the Windows version) I think it will first create a real file copy and only after that delete the original image file (unlike normal move operations with Finder which only changes the location/path of the file), that's why you might hear your HD disk working. 


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