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How to make exposure settings apply to all photos in a set?



  • Robert Gyori

    In Capture One 23 I do the following:

    First select the source image then shift click all of the others to which you want to transfer a setting. Verify that the source image is the one with the heavy pink(?) border then systematically shift click the double arrow icon in the upper right of each of the adjustment fields. 

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    You should be able to set the values for one image, copy the settings to the clipboard, if necessary verify which settings you want to apply from the source image to other images using the tick boxes if necessary.

    Selected the target images. Make sure you have the "Edit Selected" option set to "All selected images" and then paste the settings you require.

    Be aware that if you have previously set other values in the target images that are NOT to be changed OR are to be changed but only by the amounts you are specifying, then the process required may be a little different.

    However, I suspect, from the content of your question, that the part you may be missing is the"Edit Selected" option or the shortcut key combinations that can also be used to action the copy/paste of values.

  • Jack W

    I think you'll find this article helpful:


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