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How to add external editors to the "edit with" menu


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  • Tammo

    I was able to add Topaz Editors to the "Edit With"-Menu by ensuring the App is listed as possible Program to open a TIFF or JPG File in the Operating System (in my case Win11). Topaz DeNoise (f.e.) does unfortunately not register automatically as possible program for opening JPG or TIFF files (using Win11).
    One way to do this is by selecting a file of the appropriate type (jpg, tif, dng, ...) in a file explorer and select "open with" then select your editor - in my case Topaz DeNoise - (you might have to browse and select the *.exe on your installation - in my case it was "C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\Topaz DeNoise AI.exe"). This should automatically list the editor for being a valid program for opening the required file type.

    I think Capture One just displayes all programs that are listed to open jpg, psd, tif or dng files as possible "edit with" target apps.

    in case of MAC the steps to register the program as valid for these files are likely different.


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