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Replacing hard drive location for catalog



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Copy them with Explorer or Finder to the place where the catalog expects them to be.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    I'm not sure how you handled the catalog before. If your images start out own an SD card, you have two options when you want to import them to a catalog.

    1. Copy into catalog - this stores the images inside the catalog structure
    2. Copy to folder...

    (You can't use the other option Add to catalog, because that leaves the images in their existing location which in the case of an SD card isn't appropriate, since when it is removed from the card reader the images are "online". It isn't really practical to just keep them on the SD card as you would have to insert the card every time you needed access to the image files - for instance when you want to export to a format such as TIFF or JPG. And you could never reuse the SD card without losing the original raw files. If you are short of internal space on your computer, consider using an external hard drive to store the images. That is much less expensive than SD cards. I've just checked and I can buy a 128GB SD card for £49, or I can buy a 2TB external drive for £69, and that's 16 times as much storage space.)

    Both methods 1 and 2 above take up the same amount of space on your system. The raw files are the same size whether they are stored internally in the catalog, or in a folder somewhere on your file system. Method 1 is quite self-contained, but for a large number of images it makes for a very large catalog. And it has the disadvantage that the image files are inaccessible to other apps. 



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