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C1 22 on MacOS Sonoma (14.0)



  • Armin Bühler

    I use C1 22 on a MacBook Pro M1, 2021. Since the update to Sonoma, C1 22 no longer works. It also no longer starts. The camera system used is Fuji x-mount.

    Very unfortunate


  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    The release notes for the latest version of Capture One 22 said it supported MacOS up to version 13.0.1 (a very early version of Ventura, in other words). 

    So it may not work for you on Sonoma. 


  • Erwin Emondt

    I have been in touch with support about a case I opened for this problem. In short, the response was that C1 22 should still work under Sonoma, although there is no guarantee that it is not a bumpy ride.

    I find it extremely unfortunate that a software purchased "for life" stops working after a limited amount of time, based on the progress of the environment in which this software is working, but that is by no means a C1 problem. To my knowledge, almost all software (Apps) with a one time purchase option will stop being supported and stop working in time, unless one is prepared to purchase upgrades for that software. It's simply how IT works nowadays.

    For me, I hate subscriptions and try to stay well away from them. But the consequence is, that I either have to regularly purchase upgrades (new versions), or I will have to stop upgrading my computer altogether in order to secure an environment in which the apps that are working there will keep working for many years to come. With as a result, that at some point in the future, I will be forced to make a major leap from very old to new systems, where nothing is transposing smoothly and the whole operation is one big disaster. I've helped people through this process, and it's no fun.

    As for my specific case, I was advised to set up a new administrator account on my iMac and run C1 there. That worked. Or rather, C1 was running, but when I tried to use the catalog I had been using all the time, I found out that there was something else going completely wrong. I now found out that my external drive with my original files has passed its end-of-life date. So I will have to restore the RAW files that were on there, put them on a new drive, then check if my latest catalog is working or if I have to go to a recent working backup and then either work with C1 22 on my "old" admin user, or try again with a second admin user.

    But again: those are no C1 problems. So if your C1 22 stopped working, Armin, do try to set up a new admin user and run C1 from there. Until I discovered the hardware problems, that seemed to be a working solution.

  • Armin Bühler

    Amazing, but C1 22 works under a new user.
    Thanks for the tip
    Nevertheless, it is sad that for a software from 2022, no update will be made available free of charge in 2023.
    As you write, the only option is to buy a new one or take out a subscription.


  • Josie

    I've just updated to Sonoma after trying to avoid it as long as possible, as I was starting to have other glitches with Adobe programs. C1 quits before a window has opened every time. Not the first time I've had this problem over the years, and don't think I'll be rebuying the whole software again 😔 I'm on a 2021 Macbook Pro

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Capture One 22 (15.4.3) only supports up to macOS 13.0.1

    Apple® Macintosh® minimum requirements

    • Intel® Core™ i3 (1st generation) 
    • 8 GB of RAM 
    • 10 GB of free hard disk space 
    • Calibrated monitor with 1280x800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi 
    • macOS 10.15, macOS 11, macOS 12, macOS13* 
    • Internet connection to run Capture One Live

    * MacOS 13 is supported up to version 13.0.1


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