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Cannot manually adjust crop when Auto Crop "On Crop" Trigger is selected



  • Barb

    I am fairly new to Capture One 22 (Well I've had it a while but have only recently started using it more). I am on a Mac and my version is so perhaps there is a later update that may solve your issue? 

    I would try and see if I can replicate it on my machine, however I do not know where Auto Crop and On Crop appear. I only see options to have unconstrained, Original or Output and various aspect ratio options. If you can tell me where to find it, I can let you know how it behaves. 

    I am able to change my crop by grabbing the corners or the side bars. 

    Edit : A quick google and I see it is when capturing. Sorry I can't help.  

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    Do I correctly understand you are using the Cultural Heritage version of C1?

    If so there is a chance that some of the functionality is specific to the CH version.

    You may get a more complete and informed response by seeking CH level support.


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