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Syncing Layers



  • Cassaundra Bergman

    I imagine it being similar to what Lightroom allows. I'm not asking to reinvent the wheel. I just want the option to overwrite, sync, or merge layers. None of those options exist currently. Basically, all that happens is Capture One duplicates existing layers a 2nd time. I cannot imagine a use case where that is the least bit useful. Similar choices to what happens with "copy and apply adjustments" would be nice. In face, any dialogue box that allows a choice to be made would be an improvement. 

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    If multiple selected images have one or more layers with the same names, perhaps a Layer Sync might identify the common layers by name, let you choose which of those common layers to sync (similar to layer copy-apply), and let you choose which adjustments to sync (with adjustment clipboard).

    • Image 1 Layers: Sky, Lake, People
    • Image 2 Layers: Sky, Lake
    • Image 3 Layers: Lake, People

    Image 1 and 2 have common layers by name of Sky and Lake. Image 1 and 3 have common layers by name of Lake and People. Select all three images with Image 1 as the Primary. Sky and Lake could sync from Image 1 to Image 2, and Lake and People could sync from Image 1 to Image 3.

    The Layer-Sync UI might look similar to the Create Style UI. Choose which layers and which adjustments to synchronize. It might have a checkbox for whether to include the layer masks or only the adjustments.

  • Class A

    I believe the term "synchronisation" is making the requested feature seem more complicated than it is.

    For each layer that is listed in the Adjustment Clipboard, one simply needs to be able to choose between "additive" or "replacing".

    Name equality is sufficient to match layers to each other. It might be helpful to enforce unique layer names but the suggested feature does not depend on it; various resolution strategies could be employed to deal with ambiguous cases.

    The legacy "only replace (and delete)" approach had its use cases and the current "only add" approach has its use cases as well. Neither, however, are sufficient to cover regularly occurring use cases.

    If there were an option to batch-delete layers from a set of images, one could at least manually achieve the "replace" mechanics, unfortunately no such functionality is available.


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