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Search “Improve Capture One Pro” topic first to avoid duplicate feature requests

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  • JoJu

    When it comes to functionality of this forum, I'm always prepared for another case of "good intention, bad execution (usually by the limits of this forum software, Denis). That makes it pointless for casual posters to try to find similar posts.

    First view of your post looks like a character mess. This cools any expectations quickly to freeze - if a software has layout problems it will have more structural problems, too, like finding topics... But finding something is no C1 strength anyway... 

    Then I typed the same word into the search field and get very different numbers in results - maybe you need a user account, too, not only the admin account. Anyway, here I only find topics with "improve" in their title. Many topics have a title without that word.

    So I tried to set up another search for "search" as I know some of my requests (to support, which all are labeled as "solved" - which is a bold lie! "Answered" would be the proper tag, "solved" to me is strictly reserved to a successful solution of a problem)

    A lot of things came up I'm not interested in at the moment but have to read all 50 titles.Thisisatexttoshoweditorbehaviourduringfirstcreratingapost.So I went to my profile to copy the exact title to search for. And found 7 posts in the "Improve C1 Pro" section. As long as the search is impossible to be selected for title or content, it's not worth the effort of doing a search.

    Sidenote: On Safari, the editor window shows another exotic behaviour: If I try to edit text above an image, the space key is no longer working.


  • Denis Huk

    thanks JoJu, zendesk has released an updated help center theme, we will have to do a little extra work to migrate all our custom code, but we also hope that the search will improve after the update


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