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Transferring Photo Edits from a Laptop to Desktop Computer When Retuning to Office



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi Jack,

    You can do this in several way. I encourage you do test for yourself to find the way you like the most.

    • copy that trip catalog to your desktop computer
    • Create a new test catalog (simulating your main catalog on the desktop computer)

    Two ways:

    1. Trip catalog, menu File>Export>Originals, check "Include adjustments"
      Then import your images into the test catalog. Check "Include existing adjustments"
    2. Test catalog menu >File >Import catalog. select your trip catalog file

    On trip I use a session instead of a catalog and then just copy the image folders with Explorer/Finder to my desktop, that includes the adjustment files in the subfolders already, then import images to catalog (or use a session to further edit them). That's just another way as I like session more than catalogs.


  • Jack W

    Personally, I would only use a catalog to collect all of my images together in a "library" and I would have a different session for each trip. You can use a catalog to house the associated images from a session.

  • Jack Siegel

    Thanks much for the advice. I will give it a try.


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